What does eating disorder treatment look like for adults?

Therapy for adults with an eating disorder will begin with history taking and assessing  eating disorder symptoms, including a recommended medical assessment by primary care, and ideally a nutritional assessment with an eating disorder Registered Dietitian (recommendations for RD’s provided upon request). 

The process of therapy will depend on client goals and definition of recovery. We will develop goals collaboratively. As the therapist, I will make recommendations for therapeutic modalities depending on the client’s goals and presenting eating disorder symptoms. 

We know that a well-nourished brain is required to do the cognitive work of recovery. In addition, research indicates that behavioural change (e.g. reduction/cessation in ED behaviours) leads to cognitive shifts in those effected by eating disorders. For this reason, nutritional rehabilitation and behavioural change is often the first step in eating disorder treatment, followed by exploration of cognitions and emotions related to the eating disorder.  

Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible! Together we will work towards your goals in a way that feels supportive to you!