Eating Disorder Prevention Plan Package

For schools, sports teams, and other relevant settings
Delivered virtually over several months

This is a highly individualized package focused on creating and implementing an eating disorder prevention plan for a given setting (e.g., schools, boarding schools, sports teams). I will work collaboratively with your team to develop an eating disorder prevention plan and support the implementation. The process starts with an initial meeting to discuss the setting and specific challenges that your team is hoping to address.

Following this initial meeting, I will offer a workshop that provides an overview of eating disorders with a. focus on contributing factors, red flags, and what to do if an eating disorder is suspected. From here, we will set up a series of meetings where we will collaboratively develop strategies for prevention, early identification and navigating a suspected eating disorder. I will provide continual guidance and consultation throughout the development and implementation of the eating disorder prevention plan.

The frequency and total duration of our collaboration depends on the setting and circumstances that the eating disorder prevention plan is being designed for. 

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Body Image Workshop

Delivered Virtually 2 hours
For all ages and contexts

This workshop is designed to promote discussion regarding body image dissatisfaction, provide information on common challenges associated with negative body image, and share strategies to navigate body image dissatisfaction. This workshop will include open discussions, reflective activities, and provides a safe environment for expression and reflection. Participants will receive take home handouts and list of resources (e.g., social media accounts, websites, podcasts, books). 

This workshop can be adapted for specific contexts such as schools, sports teams, and across ages and professions.  

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Book Clubs

Supporting Your Child to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food and Their Body
Delivered Virtually

This book club is for caregivers who want to learn how to support their loved one to develop a healthy relationship with food and their body. We will meet every 2 weeks to review the chosen book and discuss strategies to bring the content from the book into practice. 


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Healing Your Relationship with Food and Body
Delivered Virtually

This book club is for adults wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body. This book club is appropriate for people in recovery from an eating disorder, disordered eating, or those that want to ditch diet culture and become an intuitive eater.  We will meet every 2 weeks to review the chosen book and engage in activities relevant to the content. 


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